Who We Are

History of the Institution:

Hanuman Junction is fast developing little town with many villages around. It is rather commercial in nature but most of the populations in the villages are ignorant, illiterate and economically average. Seeing the need for education JMJ Society has started Jyothi elementary School in 1972 and expanded into High School in 1978. The school got approval from the government and received grant in Aid in 1985. On request of the parents and public Jyothi English Medium School was started in the year 1992. Along with the academic knowledge, we give importance to all round development of the students in curricular and Co-Curricular activities. Students are given opportunity to develop their personal and life skills. Activities on life skills are being interlinked within the text books for practical knowledge.

  • 1 Homelike Environment
  • 2 Quality Educators
  • 3 Safety and Security
  • 4 Play to Learn